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I purchased the MiCoach Pacer and my computer won't recognize it.  I haven't been able to get a response from customer support.  Here's what I've tried:


From the FAQ's


  1. Make sure that the USB cable is connected properly with miCoach Pacer. The connector should be pushed all the way in and connected to the side marked with the USB and music notes icons. Important:  synchronization will not work if the USB cable is connected to the side marked with the headphone icon.

  2. If you have an iPod or flash drive/ thumb drive attached to your computer at the same time the Pacer is attached, your computer may not "see" your Pacer.   Please try removing the other USB device and reconnecting your Pacer.

  3. If you have iTunes or Windows Media Player open, please close these programs as they may prevent the computer from recognizing the Pacer.

  4. Confirm that you have downloaded the latest version of the miCoach Manager software. In order to download, install and use themiCoach Manager, you need to have administrative permissions on your machine.

  5. Are your headphones connected to your Pacer?  Having your headphones attached to your Pacer may interfere with synchronization.  Ensure that the Pacer is OFF and remove the headphones.

  6. Try removing and reconnecting your Pacer to your machine to trigger miCoach Manager to recognize your Pacer and begin synchronization. Follow these steps:
    - Unplug Pacer
    - Shutdown Manager (make sure to quit completely)
    - Plug Pacer in again
    - Start Manager
    - Retry synchronisation

STEP 1Firstly make sure your miCoach Pacer is fully charged.  Follow these steps:

  • Make sure your Pacer is switched ‘off’ and the headphone is not connected

  • Connect your Pacer to your computer via your USB cable.  You do not need to have miCoach Manager installed in your computer, simply plug your Pacer in and it will start charging (Power indicator flashes blue and red).

  • Initial charge should take approx. 2 hours.  It will record approx. 10 hours of active workout time.  When the battery is low, the power indicator will turn red and the Pacer will give you an audio feedback.  Please be careful not to overcharge the device.

When you are ready to run…STEP 2

  • Make sure your sensors are activated. The Heart Rate Monitor is activated by your heart beat. Moisten the electrodes in order to ensure a good signal. If the Stride Sensor is not detected move your foot around and try to connect again.
  • Connect your headphone and select ‘miCoach mode’ or ‘Free mode’.
  • The Power indicator should now show green.  The sensor icons will
    flash red while the pacer is searching for new sensors and turn green once
    each one is found.

  • If no sensors are found, press the centre button to search again or simply turn the Pacer off and on again to start a new search.
  • If in ‘miCoach mode’, press ‘workout selection’ to find your preferred workout.
  • Press ‘Start’ (the running man) to begin your workout!

If your Pacer seems frozen, the narration is silent, all of the LED indicators are on, and nothing happens when you press any button or if you slide the Mode switch to “off”.Try re-setting your Pacer:Here’s how to do this:

  1. Use the tip of a paper clip to press the Reset Button, located in a small hole on the back lower left of the Pacer
  2. Push down the clip for 3-5 seconds.  The miCoach Pacer will indicate a successful reset with the Power indicator flashing green.


Note: Doing this will NOT erase data from your Pacer (assuming the workout was successful saved before the crash).  It simply unfreezes or restarts your Pacer so that it can resume operation. It will NOT erase any workout definitions or narrations, and will not change the firmware on the device.  It does not require you to re-pair with your Stride Sensor and Heart Rate Monitor.  It’s just like rebooting your computer.


If you have tried the above options and your Pacer is still totally unresponsive, please contact the miCoach Customer Support team.  We will be happy to help you.


Does anyone else have suggestions?  Has anyone had luck in getting a refund?



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    Re: Pacer not recognized

    Hi wheresmycane,


    Thanks for the post.


    Wow, I can see that you have tried many things. Sorry to hear that nothing could help you to resolve your issue.


    Can the Manager recognize the Pacer when it is connected? Could you please check if you can find the Pacer under the device manager? If you can find the Pacer there, please uninstall it as follow:


    1. Plug in the Pacer to the computer. Make sure that the miCoach manager is not running on your computer. If it starts automatically, exit the miCoach manager completely.
    2. Uninstall the Pacer from the device manager as follow : Go to Start> Control Panel> Device Manager> USB Controller> USB composite device. Check if you can find following hardware IDs under the detail: "USB\VID_1ED6&PID_EEE7….." or "USB\VID_1ED6&PID_AD34….."  If so, uninstall the device.
    3. Unplug the Pacer.
    4. Restart the computer again and quit the manager if it starts automatically.
    5. Plug in the Pacer.
    6. Let the computer fully install the Pacer .
    7. Start the manager and see if the Pacer can be recognized by the manager.


    If the Pacer still can be recognized neither by Computer nor by the miCoach manager, restore your Pacer to its factory setting as instructed in the following FAQ link:



    Please let me know how it works.




    Your miCoach Team

    Answered by miCoach