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My Fit smart watch Bluetooth won't sync with my iPhone 5c through micoach train and run app or through settings on iPhone. Is any one else having same problem?

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    Re: Fit smart watch

    I read elsewhere they updated the train and run app on the Google store today, so I imagine Apple store can't be far behind (probably today as well or tomorrow).  It's supposed to include the FIT SMART in the devices.





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    Re: Fit smart watch

    I have a 4S. Just got the Fit Smart band - it won't sync. Does anyone know if this band works with a 4S?

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    Re: Fit smart watch

    Hello all...new to the scene.  So I'm set up with the fit smart watch, a kitkat phone and a macbook pro.  My question comes from fact that the fit smart watch is not recognized by the MiCoach Manager on the macbook.  It links up fine with the phone.  Silly me but in the initial setup I seem to remember this linking up via the macbook...am I going crazy or is the app only supposed to work with the pacer and the speedcell?


    Any help would be appreciated...