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do i need micoach connect for speedcell bluetooth??

hi, just got the speed cell bluetooth smart compatible and i can not sync to mac laptop or my iphone 4.

do i need dongle or connect? please help trying to get my stats for tomorrows soccer game/match/fun.


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  • Re: do i need micoach connect for speedcell bluetooth??

    The BTLE SPEED_CELL is compatible with iPhone 4S and above.  So if you have the original iPhone 4 it won't work.  In that case you need to get the original SPEED_CELL with the connector.


    If you are using the 4S iPhone then you might try:

    • Rebooting the iPhone (hold power and home button until the phone turns off, shows an apple and then turns off again.  Release the buttons and just click the power button and let it restart)
    • Deleting the app and re-installing it
      • Then go into settings and go through the steps of associating the SPEED_CELL with the app
    • Delete any other SPEED_CELLs you have in the app settings and then re-associate the new SPEED_CELL with the app
    • Change the betteries (believe it or not, a lot of times it's the battery in the SPEED_CELL


    Hope this helps.





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    • Re: do i need micoach connect for speedcell bluetooth??

      I'm using the new ipad air. I've managed to sync workouts.


      How do you set the date/time of the SPEEDCELL BTLE via the multi sport app?


      How do you edit "game duration" my football match/stats is reading as 253 mins!! It's picking up all activity around the 90 minutes I want to reduce it to.


      The sooner BTLE works with the website stats the better, the old pc/connect functionality was much better.

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