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Hello Messi fans,


Last weeks UEFA Champions League games were very exciting. And this is only just the start.


I'm Kevin from the UCL miCoach team and I will be here for all of the European Champions League games this season. We will be following 8 of our players wearing the miCoach SPEED_CELL™ in all the big games.


You will then have the opportunity to compare your miCoach stats to our players in each phase of the competition. All you have to do is upload them via our app on Facebook. Which will then generate a unique infographic comparing your stats with our players.


Are you UEFA Champions League Level?


di Maria proved he was last Tuesday night against Manchester City in Real's 3-2 win.Want to see how he made the level? Check out his miCoach stats from the SPEED_CELL™ he wore in the game.




Download Mourinho's training plans, get training and see how you compare to di Maria.





So come join me at the UCL miCoach group and get involved.



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