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Hope someone can help as I've been searching for a while but failed (perhaps due to my own idiocy) to find an answer to my question.


I'm interested in adding HRM as I currently just use the iPhone app when I'm running. Is it possible to sync an ANT+ HRM device like the MiCoach one directly with the Connect for Mac/PC or do I have to have the Pacer as well? I could see that it was possible to sync the Stride Sensor directly with the Connect for the computer but didn't find anything about HRM.


I did consider getting the iPhone Connect (where it seems possible) but I have decided against this because I don't want to lock myself into one type of phone and also Apple is changing the connector for the next iPhone.


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    Re: MiCoach Connect for Mac/PC + HRM

    Hi Jess1208,


    Thanks for the post and sorry for the delay in my response.


    To connect the ANT+ HRM with the miCoach mobile App for iPhone, you need the CONNECT for iPhone/iPod and you do not need Pacer for that.


    The Stride Sensor you're talking about is not a normal Stride Sensor. It's the miCoach SPEED_CELL that can be synced both via iPhone using CONNECT for iPhone/iPod and CONNECT for PC/Mac.


    The SPEED_CELL is designed for sport specific game/ match. It has on-board memory and can record your data by itself, meaning that you don't need to carry any other devices like iPhone or Pacer while playing a game/match. After finishing workout, you can sync its data via game apps such as Tennis, Basketball, Football and Running App for iPhone/iPod or via PC/Mac.  As the SPEED_CELL is also an ANT+ sensor, it can also be connected to miCoach mobile App using CONNECT for iPhone as well as miCoach Pacer. In this case the SPEED_CELL works just like the normal Stride Sensor.


    The ANT+ HRM doesn't have on-board memory, therefore it can't record data by itself and can't be synced separately. It only can send data wireless to other ANT+ compatible devices.


    We're aware that Apple is changing the connector for the iPhone5 and we're checking on it. We'll let you know as soon as we have new information about it.


    So please stay tuned and look out for the further information.




    Your miCoach Team

    Answered by miCoach
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      Re: MiCoach Connect for Mac/PC + HRM

      Its been a month and half since this post... Any news on the next line of miCoach devices?  Or even just a lightning adidas connect for existing compatibility?


      Other companies have released low power bluetooth heartrate monitors that sync with the new iphone 5 with no additional hardware.  Any chance this is what we'll see in the next speed_cell, stride sensor, and HRM?  Can we at least get some sort of update from adidas on what they are doing???