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I have tried to change proxy settings. No success. I have reset the pacer but it will not syne to the computer now. This is a brand new pacer. Somebody Please Help

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    Re: Error #840 How do I get my pacer to run?

    Hi Brainer37,


    thanks for posting and sorry for the late reply.


    I am sorry you are having issues with your Pacer. As a first step, please have a look at this guide that will help you to fix the error #840 that you are getting with the device. If after trying all the steps you still have issues with your Pacer,  please contact our Support Team so they can give you one-to-one support for this problem. When you do it, let them know the type of error you are having and since when this is happening. Please, include this code at the beginning of your message: SCM - "your miCoach username" - SD.


    One of our agents will contact you soon.


    Thanks for your cooperation.





    Your miCoach Team


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