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I have just got my SpeedCell, and have tried some different execises (running + football)....and the Speed Celle is way off comapred to a gps at runnning and commen sense in football.


I know I manually can change the data in an execise after assigning the data, but does this change effect all the forthcomming/already done exercises ?

Is this a calibration ?


I have tried some different changing of the distance, but see no effects on the other exercises. Do I have to reset something to begin alle over ?



Is there an easy way to mark the beginning of an exercise/football match. Right now I kind of have to guess when a match or run begins looking at the graph, and that is really difficult.

For instance I walk down the stairs before I run, and I want to seperate this from the main exercise, or I warm up before a match, and wan't to seperate this.

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    Re: How do I calibrate my SpeedCell ?

    Hi RasumusRise,


    You can calibrate your SPEED_CELL if you are using it with the miCoach mobile app as a Stride Sensor, but it is not possible to calibrate the SPEED_CELL when used with a sports app.  This post gives the steps on how to calibrate a Stride Sensor and it works the same for the SPEED_CELL when used with the miCoach app.




    Editing or cropping the SPEED_CELL data after assigning it is not a calibration, so that is why you are not seeing an effect on workouts after that one.


    As far as your bonus question, there is no way to mark the beginning of the match in real-time.  However, if you have a basic grasp of how long your warm-up is, or how long it takes you to walk to the field, then you can crop this data out when you are looking at the SPEED_CELL charts and the respective times.


    I hope this helps you out,