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how is max speed calculated

Hi there,
im new to all these, so today on training i was wearing micoach and when i got home i synced the files.
Everything is ok but max speed is looking a bit unreal, it shows i ran 34,54KM/h i dont know maybe i am that fast or is this max speed wrong ??


Ty for all your help.

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    I'm also interested in this questions. hope someone answers it

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      Hi guys,


      Thanks for posting.


      The SPEED_CELL measures the Max. Speed taking into consideration each second of your run (sprint). Meaning, it derives the max speed  from the speed numbers that are given each second. Therefore it might be you ran much faster at some point and this got registered on the SPEED_CELL. If does not matter if you could hold that speed for long, rather it counts the fact that you reached in a given second. Longer strides, field conditions, running with or without the ball and other elements can affect the results.


      I hope this makes it clearer.





      Your miCoach Team