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For those of you who purchased a Smart Run, let's pretend that your Smart Run was given to you for a trial period and now it's time to cough up the purchase price.  Would you send Adidas the money or the watch?

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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    I would send them my money.

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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    Until today, I'd probably have said yes. Even with all the problems, I have high hopes for the system and I love the simplicity of the training plans sooooo much.


    But I've had a pretty poor run with the Smart Run -


    • Wanted to listen to a podcast. I'd listened to around 1hr 30 mins last run but the Smart Run doesn't remember position and it only forwards around 1 minute per second you hold the forward icon. Had to hold the ffwd icon for well over 2 mins - Not easy on a touchscreen while running.
    • Voice doesn't tell you quickly enough when you fall out of zone. I glance at my watch and notice it's fallen to blue so speed up and then a few seconds later the voice gets around to telling me I was slow.
    • Battery almost half - and it wasn't really a long run
    • Most important of all - GPS terrible. I don't mind if the little line you make doesn't match up to the map road (though it would be nice!) but when you were running in a very straight line, but the GPS line zigzags all over the place like you've run a few meters into the woods, then crossed the road and done the same on the other side, things are very wrong.


    And these are criticisms from someone who loves the system and are really rooting for them to get it right.

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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    If I knew the problems would be there again: NO.

    If things would be working better, than yes.
    I would buy it again if it was a new invention and as I very curious: yes.


    The price and quality to meet the expectation..

    So a serious runner: NO

    As geek: Yes

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      Re: Would You Buy It Again?

      As a geek : Yes Yes

      As a runner : Yes too,  even if there is problems (and I hope adidas will correct them quickly).


      I'm using it since the 25/12 and my trainings are a lot more fun now. No more need to have that f$@!# belt for the heart rate, no more need to have my big HTC oneX fixed on my arm. Only one device to take (and to think to)  greatly  improve the feeling of freedom.


      I think I'm addict to the all in one and I won't come back to all these devices. There is no other watch that do the job ... So, yes I'll rebuy it even if it is expensive and if there is bugs.





      PS: Please Adidas take all our feature request/bug reports  into account. It is because we like that product that we ask for all these improvements.

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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    I have to say I've been spoiled by this as there's nothing out there right now that allows me to run with just a watch and my BT Headset.  I do have an alternative that's in limbo - if any of you guys are into KickStarter, you'll have seen me whining and moaning away at this Android Smart Watch - Omate.  My original plan waaaaaay back in September, was to use the Omate which is a full fledged Android Smart Watch with SIM card, BT, WiFi etc, a heart rate strap and a BT Headset to run.  Since I got the Smart Run, I've only needed 2 devices and I'd still get it again :-) 


    Now if only they'd sort out the GPS issues....

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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    yes I would give it away. The battery doesn't last long less then 3 hours and that without music!!.

    The GPS loss track or fail to get signal.


    you loss battery even when you shut off the watch.

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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    As a intermediate runner, but who takes very serious every workout my answer is NO until the device works as intended.

    My opinion of the device: Its the best idea of all times and it will change the way companies develop running will be the "before and after". Use only one device during your runs? Nothing can beat that...but it MUST works properly it cant have any basic flaws because the main intention of the device is where it has it majors flaws.

    I have sein these before in other industries: Video games. One company like SEGA came out with a great idea, a groundbreaking product new in the market....but with poor design and with a lot of bugs..what happen? The others companies copy the concept but improved and lost the war.

    So...smartrun, incredible concept, the dream of any serious runner, but with evident flaws and bugs that MUST be address in short term.



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      Re: Would You Buy It Again?

      I feel like I've already been once burned on the greatest running gadget with the MotoACTV (which I still use so I guess I wasn't burned that bad, but their were some very frustrating moments).  The only thing stopping me from pulling the trigger on the Smart Run is the GPS accuracy, that is a deal breaker.  In my opinion the GPS accuracy is a vital part of the system.  


      I want this thing so bad but even more I want this gadget to work.  Thanks everybody for the feedback. I'm going to try and hold off on this purchase until I see that more people are satisfied with their purchase. 

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        Re: Would You Buy It Again?



        I quite agree with you, I really want it much but the problems it has stops me from buying it, without this it would be already around my wrist.

        The only hope I have is that there is many people, happy about they Smart Run running out there and not writing on this forum...


        I don't care that much about the battery life since it seems now enough to wistand a 3-5 hours run and I don't mind charging each each time I get back from running (I think Adidas has a fair point saying it is a running watch and that's all it is), The only remaining part is the GPS accuracy  and I don't want to take the chance of it being hardware related...


        I wait for the next SW update to see if the activity of the forum lowers a bit...


        Otherwise I'll keep running with the smart phone app for a while...



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          Re: Would You Buy It Again?

          While it is not perfect, I would buy it again. GPS accuracy is a little off (consistently about 2.5% for me), but I love nearly everything about this device. I think the GPS issue will be resolved, as the hardware works as well (or better) for me in dense forest. This does not indicate a hardware issue.

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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    Ok, I admit it.  I love this thread and I'm watching it closely.  I'm one of those who would love to have the motivation to buy one of these as they look like one of the cooler devices on the planet.  As of now though, I've held off and there's only two reasons why:

    (1) I'm in marathon training mode and want it fully functional for a long slow 3+ hour run (music, screen, stride sensor, vibration…the works).  The battery life just doesn't seem to be there at present, which is really the dominant deal-breaker.

    (2) The limited waterproofing scares me.  Yes, I understand it is pretty water resistant, but I'd like to think that I could get caught in a rainstorm and still have full functionality of the screen (or, more importantly, risk losing the whole device to an unexpected drenching).


    The price is too high to take a chance with these known concerns.  I'm a big fan of the miCoach system and will keep using the mobile app and Speed Cell, but I just can't make the leap here yet.


    (Not that I won't keep lurking on the Smart Run discussion boards to catch the latest! )

    Answered by ambassador
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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    This is thanks for reading. Hoping someone could update the logic and algorithms to perfect this device!


    WHY I WOULD RTV (ReturnToVendor) THE SMART RUN...
    Although i do not YET own this smartrun, I would likely NOT keep the watch after the trial period unless the GPS accuracy was greatly improved and battery life extended to at least a solid 5+hours. Even then, this would only qualify as my secondary running device.



    This would only qualify as my secondary go-to device considering the data warehouse is neither open to port to 3rd Parties nor is their an option to sync the secured data warehouse to 3rd Parties they preselect or reauthorize you to choose to access your information. This is presuming the battery and GPS accuracy were both fixed.


    My Garmin stats are the accurate stats i use for my eyes only...for me to port to a 3rd Party site and psycho analyze my running in correlation to heart beat, cadence, music, diet, strength training, and etcetera. I've only been using my Garmin since end of 2012 (purchased from Amazon on clearance as i was looking for a dedicated GPS running device to hold me over for a year or two) to enhance both my road and my trail runs ranging from a fast 5K timed run to a 42K trail run or beyond. This "usually" ranges in duration from as short as 00:21:01 (minutes) to as long as 04:58:32 (hours).


    An example of a 3rd Party they could "preselect" as a "trusted partner" to access your data based on your permission (you would still need to create an account and validate the permissions) is a healthcare/wellness program like Discovery Vitality that allows one to earn points/levels to reduce one's insurance premiums or otherwise earn company provided HRA funds. Thanks to being able to earn discount vis "wellness levels/points" from my Garmin running activities, my insurance is way cheaper now than ever...even when looking back over the past 13 years. (fYI...this paragraph was targeted towards someone from Adidas marketing/operations/BD team who might be able to bring this potential option to fruition).


    To make this my primary device, i would require the ability to port data to a couple of 3rd Parties (i.e.: my company's wellness program management company, MapMyFitness, or TrainingPeaks). Currently i'm earning these points from my Garmin via running and Polar via weight/strength training...other options for earning these are using devices that sync or export data to MapMyFitness and TrainingPeaks, or to get a fitness tracker like fitbug and fitbit). I also would require security knowing that this device will keep tracking that $125 marathon that took me nearly 5hours to complete when my hams/calves/quads/shins all decide to sabotage my planned P.R. without me wondering how well i stayed on course.



    My dedicated running device i use to track all runs is a Forerunner 410 with heart rate monitor & foot pod. My current secondary device is a mobile phone running both MiCoach app with dual coded BLE/ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor (for my Facebook friends who like to see quick status updates of my runs) and nike+running (for my Nike+ diehard friends who like to send me "cheers" mid-run OR my Path friends who deleted Facebook accounts) concurrently. I update the MiCoach app with my Garmin cadence before i send the app off to sync over the air. I like the Adidas shoe tracking better than Nike+, enjoy marathon coaching, and review post run my music playlist history. For anyone wondering why not get a Nike+ GPS watch and use the MiCoach app...i've had a friend who owned one and simply decided to avoid her headaches from the USB wrist band.


    I started with Runkeeper. Switched to Nike+ (basis friendly competition). Switched to MiCoach when Nike+ app crashed in the midst of two of my best untimed free runs. Picked up a Garmin after MiCoach sent out an update that kept crashing the app during a 15K road race (hence i now use MiCoach/Nike+ concurrently during races for social media posts only).

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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    In a word, no.


    I'm desperate to like my Smart Run but after owning it for 4 days it's failed ever time I've used it.  When running the GPS fails to connect for the first 20 minutes.  Yesterday the HR monitor dropped to half my actual rate for 2-3 minutes twice during a 35 minute run.  And when weight training the HR again drops to a false level for most of the workout, occasionally returning to the correct level.  There's a bug with the music where announcements about GPS signal lower the volume but doesn't restore it until the interval message is played.  I work in software development and this is a beta application, probably rushed to store in time for Christmas.  Shame, it looked so good on paper.

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      Re: Would You Buy It Again?

      Hi stevebigmore,


      I'm sorry to hear about both issues.


      We need to investigate both scenarios further and it would be best if we can do it via one-to-one assistance. Therefore, I would appreciate if you can contact our Support Team, they'll take your case for investigation. When you do it, please describe both scenarios as detailed as possible and add this code to your message so we can track it: "SCM - your miCoach username - SD". You'll be contacted by one of our agents very soon.





      Your miCoach Team

      Answered by miCoach
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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    no spare parts for charger

    do not lose it!!!!

    i like your product

    but ...

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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    Yes a thousand times.  For me i picked it up to augment my tennis training.  It was the only device that had everything in a watch:  Optical HR, GPS and wireless music.  On top of that the coaching is what makes it for me.  Also i'm a stat geek so love seeing achievements, milestones, speed and heart rate.  A few more stats would be nice - highest heart rate achieved in a run as an example.


    I've not had a great deal of problems, but i'm not a) typical runner b) running in a typical spot c) Running for a long time.  Most of my running is on a track and have workouts that are usually only 30 mins.  My only repeat problem is sometimes the watch (or the headset) don't automatically connect.  If I restart the watch it picks up - this could still be the plantronics headset though but a very minor nuisance.  My gps and heart rate picks up amazingly quick but I don't vary my location that much.


    My GPS track is good on both places i use the Smart run - but most of the time i'm running in a circle   Also within 1-2% of the known distance, even when i do a 4k hike/dog through a hilly/tree covered road/trail.

    If this didn't have the coaching though it would be a harder sell for me, i like it to stay interesting and the coaching for intervals keeps me intrigued.  My fiance would love to see a version that fits her better and had a different color scheme - also she is a big Songza (opposed to upcoming spotify) user so an offline stream of that would get her to buy it i think.


    If i were one who were into running Marathon's though, i would not buy this.  I don't see the battery life using the full feature set be possible to complete one unless you're an elite runner - which i'm not and never will be.


    I love this thing.

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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    The watch, GPS sucks.

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    Re: Would You Buy It Again?

    In short, yes I love the all in one function. I have found that the GPS works much quicker since updates, which is great. Love the bluetooth headpiece function. The GPS isn't always accurate- often tells me I have run further than i have by about 100 metres or so- I just run a bit further to compensate. I usually only run for about an hour or an hour and a half- so battery with blue tooth is fine for me


    I looove this watch. svn though it isn't perfect- what is really????