Website Update 7.5 Features and Fixes

Posted by  Soccer02  on  May 15, 2014 9:34 AM

We’ve been hard at work to implement some great new features and fixes.  Check out the below to find out how has been fine tuned to enhance your training experience.

Your SMART RUN just got smarter:

  • Been keen to see your average pace on your SMART RUN? We’ve added this metric to the SMART RUN Workout Stats, giving you even more essential feedback on your trainings.
  • We’ve added more! Average Speed is also now available alongside average pace as SMART RUN workout statistics.
  • Last but not least you are now able to select both Speed and Pace metrics in parallel whereas it was only possible to show either one before.

Pic 1.png

Note: These additional metrics do not require any SMART RUN software updates.  They can simply be added through Remember to sync your SMART RUN to apply any changes made to your workout screens.  


Now Export Workouts in TCX:

  • In addition to GPX and CSV formats, we’ve now included TCX. This additional format gives you even more compatibility when exporting your miCoach training data.
    • Workouts in GPX and TCX formats both include GPS data.
    • CSV format can be loaded directly into a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.

Pic 2.png

Keep up to date on the latest support & software by following our guides!

  • Want to know when the latest software is released?  Did you come across a helpful guide and would like to know when new info is added? With this new feature you can now subscribe to receive notifications when guides or downloads are updated.

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No longer miss out on the conversation in Support Discussions:

  • With the new Social Actions menu, when someone replies to your post in the Support Discussion forums, you’ll be able to follow a thread and receive an email notification of the response. This helps keep you engaged in the conversation without having to monitor your thread.
  • Did you come across a great conversation and want to spread the word? Invite other miCoachers or friends to the discussion with the new ‘Share’ function.

  Pic 4.png

We’ve polished up with several other improvements and minor bugs fixes:

  • Contact Us page updated with latest miCoach products.
  • Men’s and Women’s training plans now merged under one category, ‘Training’.
  • Updated images in training plan descriptions.
  • Website styling made more consistent.
  • Elevation calculation enhancements on workouts with GPS.
  • Styling in group descriptions simplified.
  • Several translation improvements.

We hope these latest features and fixes give you an even better miCoach training experience. Remember to stay tuned to our Support Updates to get all the latest miCoach support news.

All the best,

Your miCoach Team   

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