Website Update 7.1 – Jan 21st Features and Fixes

Posted by  SportySpider1  on  Jan 23, 2014 3:49 PM

Hi miCoachers,

We’ve added some changes to during our most recent update and would like to give you the inside info on the latest features and fixes.

  • You can now export your miCoach workout data!

We’ve heard you loud and clear on this one.  We are happy to announce that as of this release, miCoach workout data can now be exported in GPX format for use with other platforms.  A new download function has been added to your workout journal allowing workout activities to be saved for exportation.  For more info, check out our guide on exporting your workout data.

*Note: Workouts can only be exported if they contain a GPS route.  All workout stats recorded can be exported.


  • Configure all your miCoach devices from one easy place.

Once logged in, you’ll notice a new icon in the top-right corner of your screen. This icon will open a drop-down menu allowing easy access to the settings of all your favorite miCoach devices.


  • Changing your language is now easier!

Changing your preferred language and location has never been simpler.  You’ll now see a flag icon added to the top left-hand corner of the miCoach webpage. From here you can easily change the language you would like to see the website in.


  • We’ve done a quick Christmas clean-up over the break and fixed many minor bugs including:
    • Deleting SPEED_CELL workout data is back up and running.
    • SMART RUN workouts with a Run Score will no longer show a zero Run Score when viewing them on the web site.
    • Several translation improvements
  • Known Issues:
    • The responsiveness of the activity stream has been improved. However as part of this fix, we have temporarily re-enabled workouts appearing in the stream from all users who have chosen in the privacy settings to show their workouts to all miCoach users. We know this not ideal and we are working on a hot-fix to filter out these workouts again. We will let you know about this in the next few days.
    • Filtering the foreign content out of the Activity Stream unfortunately did not make it into this release.  We apologize that you’re still seeing posts in other languages.   We’re working on it and will keep you updated on the fix date.

We hope that you enjoy all these great new features and fixes. Remember to watch this space for all the latest miCoach support news. Also, we invite you to stop by our Discussions and join the chatter.

All the best,

Your miCoach Team

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