miCoach SMART RUN Software Update

Posted by  Soccer02  on  Dec 17, 2013 2:12 PM

Hi miCoachers,

We’re releasing an update to the SMART RUN software today.  Before updating the software, please make sure your device is at least 50% charged and ensure you’re connected to WiFi.  When you sync your SMART RUN, you’ll be prompted to update to firmware version 2.5.2.

To ensure a completely smooth update process, once you’ve installed the firmware, please ensure you reboot your SMART RUN.  The time of day will be displayed on your watch. Press and hold the on/off button for three to five seconds until the device switches off.  After the device has completely shut down, press the on/off button to start the watch again.

Today’s update includes the following new features and functionalities:

-Marathon Mode (Beta version)

If you’re looking to run longer than 5 hours, try out the new Marathon Mode!  This is targeted at bringing longer battery life in free workout mode.  In this mode, you can expect up to seven hours of battery life with GPS and Heart Rate Sensors (subject to environmental conditions and display settings).   Please note:

  • The Marathon mode is beta version and the battery life time is not yet finally optimized. We will make further improvements via future releases planned for January and February. The target of these releases is to provide even longer battery life.
  • Whilst working out in this mode, the display is updated every 10 seconds.  Simply touch the screen to refresh the display if you want an update between the 10 second intervals.
  • Marathon mode does not support the use of additional sensors; this includes SPEED_CELL BTLE and a BTLE headset.  Please do not use the sensors in this mode. 
  • In this current BETA version, you will not feel the vibra buzz when you take a manual split (rest assured the split is still recorded normally).
  • Important: If you’re looking to run up to 5 hours in free workout mode with GPS and HR, we advise you to choose the normal workout mode, as this will give you more granular data feedback.  Marathon mode is currently targeted at those of you who are running longer than 5 hours.

-Enhanced GPS

Based on your feedback, we have isolated a number of fixes in the GPS functionality and this software release includes an update to the GPS chip firmware. This will bring the following improvements.

  • Reduces the GPS not found situations when starting a workout.
  • Improves GPS accuracy during your workouts.

-Various bug fixes

As always, we’re continually working to bring you the best experience possible with your SMART RUN.  We’ll be making another release in January to bring you further enhancements and improvements.

All the best with your training and we wish you all a happy holiday season!

Best regards,

Your miCoach Team