Website Update 7.0 – December 10th Features and Fixes

Posted by  Soccer02  on  Dec 13, 2013 12:44 PM

Hey miCoachers,

Following the downtime on 10th Dec, we’d like to update you on the major changes on  It’s quite a big update this time around, so read on for the lowdown on new features and fixes:

  • We’ve added more to your activity stream!

When logged in, you’ll notice many changes on the activity stream.  In addition to your workouts and those of your friends and status updates, you’ll now see a whole new world of community activity.  This includes blog posts, support articles and discussions. A magic algorithm tries to find the content that’s most relevant to you.  You can also filter according to what matters most to you.

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  • Searching is now easier!

Searching for the groups, people and challenges you’re interested in is now even easier: they’ll be presented as a card with simple summary information on the back.

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  • Many other fixes and performance enhancements:
    • Achieve your running potential! will now let you know when your Run Score improves during Free Runs.
    • Want to run a race like a pro?  If you’ve always been following a plan and never received a Run Score, you will now be prompted to receive one by doing a free workout. The Run Score is an indication of your fitness level and predicted race performance.
    • Assigning SPEED_CELL™ data on the web is back up and running.
    • Distance can now be edited on workouts completed with the mobile app and without GPS. 
    • SPEED_CELL™ workouts will now include number of sprints after cropping data.
    • Did you just smash your best time? The correct Latest Achievement will now show on your profile page.
    • With Virtual Race challenges we’ve added a map of the planned route on the leaderboard, so you can figure out your race strategy ahead of time.
    • “Great Wall of China” challenge map fixed for when you and your friends want to tackle this contest.
    • Auto-Lap markers have been added to SMART RUN workout graphs.
    • Translation improvements of post-workout feedback.
    • We’ve made things easier for when you need assistance. You’ll now find the SMART RUN added to our Contact Us page allowing you to get help, and then get straight back to pounding that pavement.

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Remember, our Support Updates is the place to get informed about the latest miCoach support news. We also invite you to stop by our Discussions area and join the chatter.


All the best,

Your miCoach Team