miCoach SMART RUN Software Update

Posted by  Soccer02  on  Nov 28, 2013 3:42 PM

Dear miCoachers,

We would like to give you the latest info regarding the planned miCoach SMART RUN software update. This update is scheduled for Monday 2nd December and the release is expected to be available during the day European time. At this stage an exact time cannot be confirmed.

The update is focused on addressing concerns raised with regards to the battery life of the miCoach SMART RUN but it also includes a number of other enhancements and improvements.  A list of the planned release changes is given below:

-Battery life enhancements in all exercise modes. The battery life will still vary based on a number of factors such as sensors used, music usage, coaching usage, screen usage, device settings and environmental changes during workouts. There are also improvements visible in the battery life of the product when simply used in watch mode.

-Assessment Workout: The assessment workout has now been added to the miCoach SMART RUN and can be used to assist in the setting of your miCoach training zones. For more information on the miCoach assessment workout – please click here.

-SPEED_CELL improvements: There have been improvements made to the stability of using the miCoach SMART RUN with the miCoach SPEED_CELL.  The SPEED_CELL can be used both indoors and outdoors to give speed and distance in locations where the GPS coverage is not available or known to be poor.

-An update has been made to the default setting of the auto-display setting to a lower power consumption level.  It was previously set to a higher level than required.  The display back-light can still be set manually to suit your needs.

-A GPS reset function has been added to the device settings.  In cases where you may experience a GPS timeout/the GPS fix is not found, this will allow you to reset the GPS.  This can help with possibly getting a first fix where you have experienced problems. It can be found under the Settings menu under “Update and Reset”.

Additional releases are planned over the coming months to bring further enhancements to product existing functionality as well as to introduce additional features. We have received a number of comments regarding GPS functions and we are working with our GPS Chip supplier and development teams to investigate these and provide solutions as soon as possible.

Feedback, questions and comments can be sent to the Customer Support team in order to channel these back to the development teams.

Best regards,

Your miCoach Team